Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm back. Only 4 more days......till?

Till we have elected a rational, intelligent, thoughtful President. I’m one of those of the “outer fringe” who have nothing better to do then make life difficult by expecting those whom we voted for to uphold true Democratic values. I'm also a San Francsico Liberal (BOO!) who'd like nothing better than to open a can of "woop ass" on all the Republicans.
Having said that I'm glad Obama is running for President who has a pragmatic outlook in trying to bring the country together rather than someone like myself who would love to give to those who voted to give us eight years of hell by mindlessly voting for the Village Idiot Bush.
Vote Obama.

General Petraeus trys to raise white flag of surrender to Syria...

but the bold and brave Bush Administration put a stop to it. Damn,General Petraeus is starting to sound like the "terrorists best pal" Obama.
Link here